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Customized Approach

Affordable Care

Living in Pain is Hard

Do you feel limited in your ability to perform physically?

Are nagging injuries stopping you from achieving your goals?

Are you constantly living in pain?

Have you tried traditional chiropractic care with no relief?

Do you deal with constant aches and tightness?

Are you an athlete interested in preventing injuries?

Let’s Unlock Your Potential

At Nebraska Motion Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we invest our time in assessing and developing custom care plans to meet the individual’s needs. Our aim is to discover the cause of your pain and use evidence-based methods to treat and correct it. We believe movement is the key to health and our goal is to get you living a pain-free life as soon as possible.

What We Offer

Assessment & Diagnosis

At Nebraska Motion we don’t guess, we assess. Using a combination of movement screens and orthopedic testing to determine the exact cause of our pain. Since we do not offer imaging in our office if we feel it is necessary we will refer you to a local office in Lincoln.


We have a variety of treatment methods used at Nebraska Motion from Trigger Point Dry Needling to Traditional Chiropractic Adjustments. We also offer a variety of manual therapies for muscular injuries such as Myofascial Manipulation, Muscle Scraping (IASTM), and Kinesio Taping.

Injury Prevention and Sports Recovery

If you are a weekend warrior or an athlete looking for that extra edge our office provides sports recovery appointments. These are shorter appointments targeted for patients with sore and tight muscles and no true complaints. We offer Cupping and Compression Therapy designed to remove lactic acid from the muscle tissue and increase blood flow for faster recovery.

Your First Visit

Schedule an Appointment

Feel free to call our office to schedule your first visit or book through our online portal. Through our online portal you will be able to fill out all necessary forms, sign, and submit them electronically.

Get Personalized Treatment

For your first visit we recommend wearing athletic or loose-fitting attire. Through our exam process we will need to be able to easily access the area of your complaint for testing and treatment. We will then create a treatment plan specific to your condition.

Get Back N-Motion

Our goal in the office is to get you back to achieving your goals as soon as possible. Through treatment and effective at-home exercises you will go from being in pain to pain free, or from feeling good to great!

What People are Saying

“Nolan is highly knowledgeable, skilled, and personable. I really value his evidence-based approach to sports chiropractic and it’s clear he loves what he does. He has helped me reduce pain from a lower back injury and has taught me strategies for injury prevention. I highly recommend him! “

Wendy H.

“Nolan is great at what he does! He is not a chiropractor that just wants to you come back, he truly cares about getting you better. I would recommend him over any other chiropractor I’ve been to! “

Sophia B.

“Nolan not only provides an amazing service but he proves very knowledgeable in what he does. I always enjoy having conversations with him and at the end of the session my body feels amazing and my mind too. I totally recommend his services to anybody looking to take their recovery to the next level!”

Carlos G.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Nolan Dethlefs graduated Cum Laude from Cleveland University-Kansas City in 2020 and opened Nebraska Motion Chiropractic in 2021. He believes that staying active is the key to health and enjoys helping others achieve their goals whether they want to run a marathon or just play with their grandkids.

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