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Nolan has been so helpful relieving backpain and muscle tension. Cupping, dry needling, and compression sleeves have been a lifesaver! I highly recommend Dr. Nolan and will continue to go back to him for chiropractic care.

Courtney L.

Dr. Nolan is very knowledgeable in his field and does great work! I went in for the first time two months ago with knee pain and severe knee splints. I confidently walked out today with little to no pain! Thanks to Dr. Nolan!

Chloe V.

I absolutely loved my experience !! The dry needling and cupping! was a huge help. He also gave me exercises to do at home that helped tremendously! I will always come back to him!

Courtney R.

Nolan not only provides an amazing service but he proves very knowledgeable in what he does. I always enjoy having conversations with him and at the end of the session my body feels amazing and my mind too. I totally recommend his services to anybody looking to take their recovery to the next level.

Carlos G.

Nolan has been great to work with. After suffering from tennis elbow for a few months, Nolan was able to determine the issue, treatment plan and exercises to take care of the injury. We are now simply doing preventative maintenance and feel great!

Scott H.

I have been to Nebraska Motion several times and have continued to be impressed by their service. Nolan is extremely helpful and professional and was willing to give me both in clinic adjustments as well as at home exercises and stretches. I have recommended Nebraska Motion to family and friends and I will continue to be a loyal patient!

Meagan B.

I greatly appreciate Nolan’s perspective on client care. He has preformed quality preventative care without mandating bi-weekly appointments or expensive routines. He has helped reduce chronic tightness in my upper back as well as improving my breathing habits, which has led to much greater flexibility and lower back stability.

Trevor H

Dr. Nolan is excellent at what he does. I have been running half marathons for a few years now and having a chiropractor that knows what he is doing has helped immensely!! He is personable, knowledgeable, and awesome at communicating/explaining what he is doing and/or why. I am also a teacher and he has provided some flexibilities in his schedule which was so nice!

Shaina B

Dr. Nolan does an exceptional job with taking care and spending as much time as needed for each and every patient. As a lifelong athlete, I’ve suffered from shin splints. Dr. Nolan’s approach to treating and preventing shin splints successfully eliminated my pain.

Loren L

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